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Tech and BI

Our tech and business intelligence team comprises professionals that help businesses deploy, manage, and utilize business intelligence tools. We use state-of-the-art techniques to convert raw data into useful and meaningful information to aid in business decision making. We have helped businesses at all stages to gain a competitive advantage and create new business opportunities using data-driven business strategy approaches.


At Dark Side Management, we put such a strong emphasis on creativity that we have a whole team dedicated to it. Our copywriters put their ideas into alluring words and the designers bring them to life, putting your brand right at the centre. We take time to analyse your business model, your product offering and your organizational culture to align our content with your business ethos.


Now more than ever, having a media specialist to create the right strategy is vital. Our media department specializes in the planning and buying of media. From finding the right audience for your message, researching and analyzing the proper communication channel to negotiating the best rates possible – the whole process is designed to deliver the client the highest number of potential customers for the lowest possible cost.


We understand what it takes to create a successful digital campaign. We take time to conduct thorough research, planning, and deep analysis to ensure every marketing initiative delivers the desired results. We leverage email marketing and social media marketing to directly connect brands with their target audience.


Our finance department plays a pivotal role as a key pillar of our company. We have employed the best minds in every sphere of finance including budgeting, cash flow management, performance measurement, and asset management. This ensures that financial planning and expenditure is undertaken with utmost prudence to support our different business activities.

human resources

At the core of our successful Dark Side Management teams is a human resource department. Our HR specialists regularly conduct skills audit and need assessment to help them source the best talent in the marketplace. We have a robust people management process that identifies, hires and retains top professionals in the different areas of specialization.

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