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What we do


Social Media

Grow your fanbase, gain more leads and increase your sales.

Our team provides social media marketing campaigns tailored to each individual client’s needs. Whether it’s Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn – We do social, so you don’t have to!

Multi-Channel Marketing

Get your message to the right customer at the right time.

We create your ads, landing pages, banners and then test and optimize the best channels to generate exposure and help you achieve your specific business goals.

Performance-Based Creatives

In the online world, your best weapon is creative.

Our team creates the winning combination of marketing message and design to boost your business performance. We will test and optimize to turn clicks into customers.

Real time

Create a more effective campaign with a smaller budget.

Using advanced tracking capabilities, we can offer precise audience targeting, real-time insights and place your ads across a variety of different media sources to give you the maximum ROI.

Date-Driven Optimization

Find and stay connected to your audience.

To get the most out of your marketing budget we focus on content relevance, media usage habits and consumer insights to connect with the millions of people looking for your services.

Chapter 2



We hustle with heart

Darkside management is a data-driven creative growth agency that helps businesses grow their brand, their leads and ultimately, their bottom line.

We’re a crew passionate about writing and design and when it comes to optimizing – we are ruthless. We keep at it until we’ve tweaked and moulded for the very best results. Our strategy is based on insights derived from a wealth of data and analysis, our deep understanding of driving growth and the ability to translate your business goals into an actionable plan.

A tight knit team, we support, motivate and rely on each other to get the job done to the highest standard. We care about reaching each client’s business goal effectively. What we really don’t do is apathy or indifference. We hustle with heart.

Chapter 3




Here at Darkside Management we put such a strong emphasis on creativity in our everyday work, that we have a whole team dedicated to it. It all starts from our creative copywriters, who put their ideas into alluring words and then come the graphic designers, who put the finishing lines to create attractive and interesting ads. Our creative department is where our boldest ideas are brought to life.


Now more than ever, having a media specialist to create the right strategy is vital. Our media department specializes in the planning and buying of media. From finding the right audience for your message, researching and analyzing the proper communication channel to negotiating the best rates possible – the whole process is designed to deliver the client the highest number of potential customers for the lowest possible cost.


Researching, planning, analyzing, and evaluating the results…the most important steps in creating a successful digital campaign. Meticulously moving through the steps, our marketing department can ensure the success of digital advertising campaigns. Social media and email marketing are a big part of our marketing department and we take pride at the work we do.


Our Finance department is one of the major pillars of our company and an essential component a successful business. The specialists working at the department have a lot of responsibilities such as managing funds within the company and planning for the expenditure of funds. They are the people who ensure effective financial management and financial control necessary to support all our business activities.


Our Human Resources department is the starting point of creating the Dark Side Management Teams. Our HR specialists help us find the missing parts of our teams by recruiting the most creative and skillful people. From their first day as a part of DSM, HRs partake in all employee’s daily activities, making sure to maintain a happy and friendly work atmosphere.

Are you a creative person or a tech guru?

We have a place for you here if you are ready for the next big step in your career.

Chapter 4




contact info


49 Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd.

We are hiring

As a people-centric environment, we’re always looking for talented people with the right values. We’d love to hear from you so check out our open positions and contact us.


Dark Side Management Ltd. is strictly a marketing and advertising agency. The company does not directly provide any of the services advertised. The company only serves as a referral between service providers and potential clients.

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